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Salt and watercolour Technique

Lets Get Hopping Round 10

Let’s Get Hopping, Round #10

This week its all about traditional 12 x 12 scrapbook page, a pocket scrapbook spread or even a mini album, create and share a memory keeping project.

Memories & More on this hop I am excited as I been doing a little mini album for my Mum

I love making a one sheet 12x12 Mini Album/Brag Book

 How to make this wounder Brag Book.

1. Select 1 sheet of 12x12 DSP
2. Place sheet in trimmer and line up at 4inch cut.
(we put this 4inch aside to make cover and to add to bottom of pages.)
3.So with other piece will make the book. First fold in half. Will be 8inch across the top and 6inch from top to fold.
4. Unfold and line up 8inch edge to centre fold do both sides.
5. So know you have a piece of paper with 3 folds in it first fold Valley second fold Mountain third fold Valley.
6.Take you DSP and line up at the 4inch mark
7.Cut down to the last score line. Then score the last panel
 So work out what side of the DSP you wont to see. You only see one side of the paper.
8. So hold your DSP with the fold in your left hand,
9 Bring down both side in a Mountain fold, then bring both side in a Valley fold, last bring next two into a Mountain fold .
10. At this point you can glue or if you want more pockets don't glue. So if you don't glue go to step eleven. If you choose to using Tombow  Liquid glue. Fold to top Glue Second panel to Third panel, and forth to fifth and glue the fold panels together. Now you have your little brag book.
11Basic Black Cut one for Front Cover 6 1/4 inch x 4 inch
 12. Using the 4inch DSP you cut off cut 3 at 2inch then trim 1 inch of the 4inch side this give you 3 at 3inch x 2inch fold each piece in half now you have 4inch x 1inch these will make pockets at bottom of each pages. one inch will glue to one side of page and then fold under bring back up to other side of next page. When GULE just a small amount on the left and right side. NOT in the MIDDLE as you need to add tags with Photos on them.
Add RIBBON before you do front cover.
Decorate Front Cover as you like to. Select the  photos you like to use.
13 making Mat for photo 3 3/4 x 2 3/4 cut 9 and 10 if you like one on front cover.
Hope you give this a go and enjoy.
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